Voice calling with piece of mind


Available for Android and iOS, MogulVoice is a smartphone App which allows completely secure voice and rich-media messages from your mobile phone. Using a mix of cutting-edge technologies, it ensures that your communications remain private both during and after the call.


As more work is done remotely, we all feel the need for more secure mobile communications. MogulVoice allows you to communicate even the most sensitive information from your mobile device. It employs advanced software and encryption algorithms to make sure no one, absolutely no one, can intercept your calls. Not even MogulSuite.


When a MogulVoice subscriber calls another one, the PBX* establishes the connection between the two smartphones, which automatically begin to negotiate a unique ephemeral encryption key for that call only, and solely on those devices. The PBX is dedicated to each customer and extensions are unique for each subscriber.

Once the encryption key has been negotiated, your communication is rendered into meaningless unintelligible bits that can only be decrypted by the other caller’s device. No one else.

Communications are encrypted and flow directly between smartphones. In addition, the first time two callers connect they are required to authenticate their identity by confirming two randomly generated code words.

After each communication, the unique encryption key is deleted permanently from both phones. Consequently, even if they are intercepted, no past calls can be retroactively decrypted should any future encryption keys be compromised.

Rich-media messages are only kept on subscribers’ devices, never on MogulSuite servers, and may be deleted at any time.

MogulVoice employs the AES cypher with robust 256 bit key sizes and the ZRTP protocol, ensuring your data has the highest level of end-to-end encryption and remains absolutely private.

Their three-layer security design ensures that neither MogulSuite nor anyone else has access to your communication or to any encryption key.

* PBX – Private Branch Exchange


MogulVoice is licensed on an annual, prepaid basis for unlimited use by our subscribers. MogulVoice can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play, but requires a licence from MogulVoice to function.

Provisioning is through a one time use QR. The subscriber uses the camera to scan the QR and the App will automatically setup the smartphone, a QR may be used only in one provisioning to enhance security.

In addition, we offer tailored, turnkey solutions, which allow our clients to administer their own private encrypted network from within their own data centre while benefiting from all the advantages afforded by MogulVoice.

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