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What is MogulShare?

Mass-market cloud platforms are not a good fit for every business. If your team ever needs to share or collaborate on sensitive /confidential information, it’s imperitive that the information is as secure as it can be and that you have as much control as you need so you can meet compliance standards.


Cloudworking makes sense on so many fronts: it’s too risky to send data by email and encryption is cumbersome and complicated. You want to share and collaborate on documents, manage your calendar and have video chats with complete peace of mind, and you know that voice calls on unsecured lines, or video conferencing via non-encrypted connections, are just not private enough. Not all cloud solutions are the same, however, and they’re not all right for your business. Mass-market consumer-grade solutions may lack the regulatory compliance you need.

Private cloud solutions may be liable to foreign legislation requiring them to disclose your information. With MogulSuite, you choose the region for hosting your data that fits your policies, as well as the size and structure of your infrastructure so as to achieve the highest possible availability. We provide a security-first solution which puts you in complete control. MogulSuite is based on AWS, which offers a more extensive global footprint than any other cloud provider. By managing your data on your own AWS infrastructure, you always have control and can ensure you avoid non-compliance issues.

MogulShare Features

File Sharing & Storage

Everything you need to work with a private cloud repository for your files with the option to share them inside and outside your organisation.
Files can be shared with a password and with a video confirmation process to make sure that only authorised personnel can open them. All files have a versioning system and they are protected against accidental deletion. The AWS platform performs backups twice a day with a default retention policy of 7 days, and documents can also be set to auto-delete after a predefined period of time to optimise storage space.
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Categories of Storage

MogulShare includes cold and hybrid storage solutions for documents that are accessed less frequently.
It can also include offline storage so that contents can not be accessed via the internet.
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Editing & Content Creation

MogulShare offers a powerful set of collaborative editing tools (OnlyOffice, Draw, Mindmap and more) which allow your team to work on shared documents.
As they do so, they can communicate using embedded chat or video conferencing.
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Productivity Tools

Contacts, calendar and main groupware functionalities are of course included.
Flags, enhanced search capabilities and workflow tools all help to manage and streamline processes.
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Mobile Usage

MogulSuite is available on the web or as a mobile application for Android or iOS.
MogulSuite is available on the web or as a mobile application for Android or iOS.
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