Voice calling with piece of mind

What is MogulVoice?

Available for Android and iOS, MogulVoice is a smartphone App which allows completely secure voice and rich-media messages from your mobile phone. Using a mix of cutting-edge technologies, it ensures that your communications remain private both during and after the call.

Protect Your Communications

As more work is increasingly being done remotely and with the use of Smartphones, it is imperative that you feel confident the information you are sharing with others is protected. MogulVoice helps to safeguard even your most sensitive communications, by making sure that absolutely nobody can intercept your calls, not even us at Mogul Wave. It prevents interception on end-to-end communications, making sure all the data gets to the right person and putting your mind at rest.

How does it work?

MogulVoice is a smartphone app which allows you to transfer your most delicate information with piece of mind. Available for Android and iOS, MogulVoice allows you to communicate private information, securely using a combination of cutting-edge technologies.

The three-layer security design guarantees that nobody, except the two subscribers, have access to any communication or encryption key.

Using advanced software and encryption algorithms, when a MogulVoice subscriber calls another, the *PBX and extensions dedicated uniquely to each customer, allow two smartphones to communicate privately.

A unique, short-lived encryption key is automatically generated for that phone call and those smartphone devices only. Rich-media messages can be deleted at any time, and are only kept on subscribers’ devices, never Mogul Wave servers.

MogulVoice employs AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring your data has the highest levels of privacy.

* PBX – Private Branch Exchange

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