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About Mogul Wave

Mogul Wave offers a full line of Roaming SIM products to puts state-of-the-art, high quality voice and data services on your mobile phone – all at the best prices available.

  • Mobile APP Mobile & Android calling for cheap calls abraod
  • Roaming SIM Low-cost global international calls.
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Mogul-SIM™ International Roaming SIM

Low Cost Global Roaming Services

  • Roaming SIM
  • Corporate travellers
  • Independent business travellers
  • International truck drivers, seafarers, and professionals
  • PinLess cards

  • Add more numbers to your SIM card
  • Short Codes for Mogul-SIM™
  • Country Codes
  • Contact Mogul Wave Support

Add additional phone numbers from over 50 different countries to your WorldSIM SIM card. In addition, if you live in any of these 50 countries can use this service to be contacted on your regular number while you are travelling, without incurring international roaming charges.

*141# Balance Check, phone will display your balance
*142# Assigned numbers, your phone will receive a text with all the numbers assigned to the SIM card
*143*<DID number># to present the DID number as a mobile number
*144*<voucher_number># Voucher Top Up
*150# Mobile data service on/off
*151# Voicemail Check
*152# Voicemail On
*153# Voicemail Off
*155# Voicemail Status
*156# Forwarding On. Use this feature when you want to transfer incoming phone calls to another phone. Forwarded numbers are always in the international format: country code + number.
*157# Forwarding Off

Support System

Contact Mogul Wave Support

Our support office is open between 9am and 9pm Pakistan time.

24/7 Email Support:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Code: *501# to generate a ticket and we will contact you shortly after.

Support Phone Numbers

UK: +44 203 519 3417

USA: +1 347 518 1746

PAK: 0209200100000

PAK: 0209200100001

Please note: these lines are only manned during office hours.