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Taking your mobile abroad can cost you a fortune, with some locations charging over £2.50 a minute to receive a call. You don’t always know that these charges are accruing until you get a nasty invoice on your return but then it’s too late! One solution is to leave your phone at home, another is to turn off data roaming but sometimes that isn’t possible.

In this age of technology and with data being available for cheap prices in your own country, why can’t these kinds of data charges ‘roam’ with you?

If you use your mobile abroad you will be “roaming”. This is when you connect to an overseas network to take a call, send/receive a text, use iMessage, check email or to update your Facebook status. It can happen without you even realising!

You can get much cheaper calls and receive them by switching SIM cards to one of our global roaming SIMs. We have SIM providers in multiple countries and it’s a simple ‘quick code’ that preloads the card with credits. The MogulSIM will automatically select the strongest signal but it may be possible to manually select another network if required.

For outgoing calls, we have a clever process called, ‘call back’. It is a bit different to how you would normally make a call on your mobile phone but is very easy to use. After dialling the number you want to call, our system calls you back within seconds and your handset will ring - answer it as usual and you will be connected to your destination! It’s as simple as that.

By using a MogulSIM Global Roaming SIM you can save over 70% of your typical call charges whilst roaming. Whether you are a holiday maker, backpacker, business person or corporate/executive flyer, our SIM card is perfect for everyone.