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Yesterday I met a friend that is living in a beautiful villa in the French Riviera. He is conducting business from his home office with California, Vancouver, Switzerland, France and many other countries.

In this age of technology and with data being available for cheap prices in your own country, why can’t these kinds of data charges ‘roam’ with you?

He is a customer of Mogul Wave and he bought one of the MogulSIM’s with a few DID numbers in different Countries which have also been associated to the SIM. To complete the total solution he has installed the MobileVoIP application onto his iPhone.

He his conducting business Internationally at all times of day and night and his customers (and friends) can always call him on one of his local numbers. This means that his South California friends can call him on a San Diego number, even when he is located in the French Riviera with the cost for them being a local call.

How is this possible? The incoming call is received by Mogul Wave’s platform and forwarded to his iPhone. When his iPhone is connected via his office WiFi, and registered with the Mogul Wave platform, he will receive calls without paying any charges and he is enjoying low cost outgoing calls through VoIP to anywhere in the World.

Another prominent feature is when he is strolling on the Promenade des Anglaise, or he is visiting Maeght Foundation in beautiful Saint-Paul de Vence, he will receive calls on his Orange number, as the savvy businessman has forwarded all the calls from the MogulSIM to his Orange number.

Our savvy businessman is always connected and his monthly bill for telecom is lowered even further by using the MogulSIM when he travels abroad to visit his customer. Before boarding the plane, he forwards the calls from his Orange number to the MogulSIM! Another bonus is that the forwarded calls cost only the same as local landline charges due to him also having a French number provided by Mogul Wave. All he then needs to do is swap the SIM from his Orange SIM to his global roaming MogulSIM. He will receive all calls and enjoys huge cost savings whilst roaming.

It is very simple and everyone in his circles enjoys savings and high quality voice calls. In a globally connected World there is a solution that allows you to ring local and reach our business anywhere in the world, and allows you to enjoy the highest possible cost saving at the same time.

Email or talk to Mogul Wave - the mobile roaming company - if you wish to know more about these clever, cost savings solutions.

By using a MogulSIM Global Roaming SIM you can save over 70% of your typical call charges whilst roaming. Whether you are a holiday maker, backpacker, business person or corporate/executive flyer, our SIM card is perfect for everyone.