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Mogul Wave’s MogulSIM has been integrated with a mobile softphone solution, providing end-users with a seamless mobile service to use while traveling abroad.

Mogul Wave’s cloud-based softswitch platform automatically detects when the MogulVoIP (or another softphone application) has been opened and is ready for calling via a WiFi data connection. Inbound calls will be routed to the softphone application.

This means that by using the MogulVoIP softphone all incoming calls are free while you are abroad and the outgoing calls are not charged with any roaming cost.

When the softphone application is closed or not connected to WiFi, inbound calls are sent to the MogulSIM card via the GSM network.

Both the MogulVoIP and MogulSIM share the same phone number for inbound calls, and the same caller ID for outbound calls.

This powerful combination of a MogulSIM and MogulVoIP softphone essentially offers users all the features that you need for voice, data and VoIP services whilst traveling. As a total solution, it is attractive to both businesses and consumers alike seeking cost effective VoIP services while roaming.

This integrated solution can also be combined with residential VoIP services, enabling customers to make or receive calls while traveling using the same phone and caller ID that they use at home. Local phone numbers can be added to both the MogulSIM and MogulVoIP via the customer’s own DID provider for countries around the world.

By using a MogulSIM Global Roaming SIM you can save over 70% of your typical call charges whilst roaming. Whether you are a holiday maker, backpacker, business person or corporate/executive flyer, our SIM card is perfect for everyone.