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EU voted to end roaming charges in 2017

The EU has voted to agree on revised rules on the telecoms market which will mark an end to unpopular and expensive roaming surcharges for mobile phone calls and data use in the European Union.

Mobile roaming charges will end within the EU by mid-2017 and will be significantly cut next summer after the European parliament formally approve the rules.

Roaming fees for calling, sending text messages and using mobile internet abroad in the EU will be banned from 15 June 2017. From 30 April 2016, roaming surcharges must not exceed 0.05 euro (3p) per minute for voice calls, 0.02 euro (1p) for SMS/text messages or 0.05 euro (3p) per MB of mobile data.

What they don’t tell you, is that roaming charges can already be significantly reduced and in some cases completely eradicated!

By using a MogulSIM you can enjoy a cost cutting today and you don’t have to wait for any regulations to come into place. From now until 2017 you should be able to enjoy low cost roaming charges in both the EU and the rest of the world.

Mogul Wave is offering a “Try and Buy” SIM that allows you to test the solution that works in the EU and also in over 150 Countries worldwide, with 600 available mobile networks for only $9.99 + p&p.  There is no obligation, no contract and no penalties.