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EU voted to end roaming charges in 2017

I just watched BBC watchdog and a woman was charged over £500 whilst on a cruise of the Mediterranean even though she bought a data bundle from her mobile phone company in the UK. The reason given was that even though she “was" in Europe .. she wasn’t actually “IN” Europe .. her mobile phone had connected to the Maritime Satellite and her data bundle didn’t include this type of connection. So she had a massive shock when she saw her bill and had no choice but to pay it!

By using MogulSIM™ on your mobile phone you have a credit limit, and you pay what you use with a complete control of your mobile networks and services. You save and you can control your cost. Ask me more details on our platform and services. Cost savings are huge and your balance never expire, you can use it in several travels and more than 200 Countries.

Mogul Wave is offering a “Try and Buy” SIM that allows you to test the solution that works in the EU and also in over 150 Countries worldwide, with 600 available mobile networks for only $9.99 + p&p.  There is no obligation, no contract and no penalties.