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MogulSIM™ International SIM Card

The SIM Card for Smart Travelers

MogulSIM™ is a special SIM card designed for accompanying travelers abroad while making their smartphone a worthy ally for their travel experience.

When you take your mobile phone on an international trip, the cost of calls, texts and data skyrockets. 

MogulSIM™ enables you to call anywhere in the world, with premium quality, and at a cost up to 70% less that what you pay with your own SIM card. 

MogulSIM™ comes with 2 x phone numbers, a US one (+1) and a UK one (+44), you can even add other local numbers by paying a small monthly fee of $4 each. We have agreements with telecom companies in almost every country in the world and this will guarantee you to be able to call, to receive calls, to send SMS as well as to browse the Internet, at the cost of just a few cents per minute/SMS/MB download.

You don't need an extra smartphone - just replace your normal SIM with your new MogulSIM™ and with just one click you can activate the call forwarding function on your phone and you will receive calls with outstanding quality on your local phone number as well as on your US and UK numbers. 

No hidden fees and no unwanted surprises; you can easily monitor every detail of your MogulSIM™ through our mobile app on your phone and through an easy-to-use dashboard on your computer.

Download our brochure here (PDF 2.2MB)

Get your MogulSIM™ now!

Want to cut your roaming costs whilst calling to or from every country in the world? 
Combine your MogulSIM with the Mobile VoIP! 

For totally cost-free management of your incoming and outgoing calls, download the Groundwire app, link it with your account and every time you are connected to a WIFI network, your calls will be completely free!


How it Works.

  • When you start your travel experience, replace your existing SIM card with your new MogulSIM™.
  • Activate your MogulSIM™ by typing *140# then you are ready to make your calls!

In Europe

Type the phone number you want to call preceded by the country code. For example, if you are in the UK and you want to call a friend in the US, type his full international phone number (+1) and your call will connect as normal.

Rest of World

Type the number that you want to call, including the country code and click connect as normal. You will be disconnected but immediately called back from that number. Answer it and your call will be connected. This is known as the "Callback System".

Data Usage

Activating the data on your MogulSIM™ is very easy: Switch "Data Roaming" on and in your phone settings, type Globaldata in the APN section and you are good to go! 

Need more information?

Along with your MogulSIM™ you will get the SIM guide. To find out more, contact us.